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About Don L Rivers

Donovan was born in Detroit Michigan on April 25 1956  

 Has two children Erika, Shavonn       

2018 Ambassador Of Peace

International Association Of Parliamentarians For Peace.

Advanced  Education Credit, Criticism and Discipline Skills for Managers. Management, Office of Personnel Management, San Francisco Regional Training Center, 1990 Green River Community College economics. Abroad humanity studies at North,South Korea inner peace summit,Japan, Amman Jordan, Israel,Gaza Strip, Russia,West Africa,Nigeria Togo Benni, Ghana, Ivory Coast, London.Bridging the Gaps coalition.   Community outreach volunteer for The Veteran, Wounded Warriors Affair. Tree House Foundation for social justice. Union Gospel Mission. Peace adviser and peace ambassador on World affairs and international Tribal consulting. All of these position for tl Management, San Francisco Regional Training Center, 1990

Attended, Self Discipline and Emotional Control, Career Track Seminars for Successful People, 1990

Attended, Economics, Green River Community College, 1989

Washington State Campaigns Mr Rivers worked on: 

2019: Sharonda Amamilo. For Washington State Attorney General Campaign Consultant

Kent City Council

Districts 7 Congressional race 2010 2016

District 9 Congressional race 2006 2008 2012 2014

 Council Member Martha Choe,  Mayor Norm Rice , Mayor McGinn,Mayor Schell, Mayor Greg Nichols, Governor Christine Gregoire and Jim McDermott. Norm Dicks, Governor Gary Locke, Governor Mike Lowry, Governor Booth Gardner and  King County Executive Ron Simms.



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